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Air Conditioners

We can install, service and repair any brand of air conditioner, however when it comes to the supply and installation of a new air conditioner we routinely support and supply the following brands



Split Systems
Split systems are designed for individual rooms/areas.


Ducted Systems
A ducted system can provide total air conditioned comfort throughout your home. The indoor unit is usually located in the ceiling with flexible ductwork distributing conditioned air through vents located in chosen areas throughout the house, and the compressor is installed outside the house. Areas of the home that are not used as often can be turned off to reduce the running costs of the machine as well.


Multi Split (Head) Systems
A multi split system can air condition multiple rooms with a single outdoor condenser connecting to multiple indoor units. Ideal where there is limited space for a number of outdoor units or insufficient space for ducting. Allow individual temperature control in each room.


In-Ceiling Cassettes
Ideal air conditioners for installation inside narrow false ceilings, with only the decoration panel visible post installation. Simple in design and aesthetically pleasing, ceiling cassettes are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, commonly in shops and small offices.