Does my home air conditioner need regassing?

Home air conditioners are unlike car air conditioners and should never require regassing.  Home air conditioners are sealed systems and refrigerant should never be lost, unless damaged or incorrectly installed.

At installation system should be pressure tested prior to commission.  If the system holds pressure, it should continue to do so for the life of the system.

Why is there water leaking from my external air conditioner unit?

When your air conditioner is being used in the heating mode, expect condensation / water dripping from the bottom of your outdoor unit.  This is a normal occurrence and no cause for alarm.

How often should I clean my air conditioner filters?

Dependent on the environment and usage of system.  Regular check of your filters every 6-8 weeks is recommended. Clean filters as required/regularly so that they remain effective and keep the unit operating effectively.

How do I clean my air filters?

Hose the dirt/debris from your filters.  It is important to hose from the back/clean side of the filter out, so as not to embed dirt/debris further within the filter which may cause damage.  Lightly wipe over the filter with a mild soapy solution and cloth.  Rinse.  Leave to air dry.  Ensure filter is thoroughly dry prior to replacement.    

Do I need regular professional maintenance on my unit?

Yes.  Infrequent servicing can cause dust accumualation on the fan barrel and evaporator coil (accessible only by qualified technicians), slowing air volume over the coil and resulting in unnecessary condensation and potentially the growth of mould in the system.  Maintenance service also offers a complete inspection and operation check of your system and potentially prevents issues turning into faults.

How often should air conditioning units be serviced?

Annual maintenance service is recommended annually for typical domestic user.  We will remind you when your air conditioner annual service is due so you never forget.

What’s the difference between ducted and split system air conditioning?

A ducted air conditioning system is designed to cool or heat more than one room within your home. The indoor unit is situated within the ceiling space and connected to the outdoor condensing unit. Duct work to individual registers/outlets are placed in each room with the air conditioning controlled by a central controller. Unlike the ducted system, the split system is primarily designed to air condition only one room.

How much is the call out fee?

As listed under maintenance and repairs, our call out fee is $150.  The call out fee covers our attendance to site and includes upto 1 hour labour.  Typically 1 hour is sufficient time for our technicians to establish a diagnosis.  Additional labour or supply of materials will be charged additionally as appropriate.

Dependent on the nature of the fault, typically we will quote the supply of spare parts and repair of your system following our call out.  Should repair not be feasible, we can quote replacement of your existing system. 

Why choose a family company over a larger company?

  • Our employees are crossed trained and we do not outsource labour/contractors
  • Offer individual care and attention
  • Allow access to the owner
  • Stability, Loyalty and Trust.
  • Commitment and unified leadership
  • Flexibility and versatility

Small family businesses can offer customers more for their money, with an overall better experience.  Committed to the success of our business, we will offer you the individual care and attention that you deserve. If you are looking for old-fashioned customer service that offers you respect and superior results, choose a family business like ours.