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Infrequent servicing can cause dust accumulation on the scroll fan and evaporator coil (accessible only by qualified technicians), slowing air volume over the coil and resulting in unnecessary condensation and potentially the growth of mould in the system. (Our humid climate will also increase the potential for the growth of mould within your air conditioner). Without regular servicing to reduce this build up, the efficiency and life of your air conditioner are compromised, it can also contribute to unpleasant smells and possible health hazards.

To validate their warranty, most manufacturers stipulate that an air conditioner must be well maintained. Regular maintenance and servicing by a professional company will ensure your warranty should there be any issues in the future.

Frequency of servicing is dependent on both an air conditioner's use and location. Annual servicing is typically required in the domestic situation. We are happy to discuss your individual situation and recommend a servicing schedule for you. Our friendly office staff are also happy to remind you and/or schedule regular routine periodic maintenance services as they're due.

Given the nature of our business, we commonly experience peak times associated with extremes in weather conditions. While we strive to serve all our customers in a timely manner, please be patient with us in these busy periods. We service all year round however would recommend routine servicing (as appropriate) in Spring and Autumn months to beat our peak periods.

What does Servicing Involve?

Indoor Unit

  • Clean filters and air directional vanes
  • Clean evaporator coil and surrounds
  • Flush out drain system
  • Test run and check operating temperatures & pressures
  • Advise customer on correct operational procedures
  • Seal behind unit where possible to deter the entry of vermin

Outdoor Unit

  • Visual check on piping and electrical connections
  • Clean condenser coil and fins
  • Remove any grass that may have grown up around the fan


All Brands & Models

Daikin Dealer & Warranty Agent

Coldaz Air Conditioning & Heating's team includes both qualified air conditioning technicians and electricians, covering all aspects of repair, across all makes and models of air conditioners.

If your air conditioner is within the warranty period, to avoid any unnessecary charges to yourself, an authorised warranty agent should be called for repair. Complementing our sales service we are authorised agents for both Daikin and Brivis and are the only people you need to call should a problem or query arise with either your Daikin or Brivis air conditioner at any stage.

Dependent on their nature, faults aren't always able to be rectified on our initial call out. In the instance we are unable to rectify a fault while on site in the first instance, or replacement parts are required, we will provide you with a quotation for repair, (and) or a quotation for the replacement of the unit should repair be uneconomical or infeasible.

Routine Maintenance Servicing reduces the risk of problems eventuating with your air conditioner. Book a maintenance service today and rest easy.

Routine Fees & Labour Charges


1 Split System $120.00
Additional Split Systems (each) $75.00
1 Ducted System $165.00
Additional Ducted Systems (each) $95.00
10% Seniors Discount (on routine servicing fees only)

Faults / Repairs

Call Out $150.00 (includes 1 hour labour)
Additional Labour $95.00/hour (charged in ½ hour increments)

Please Note: Refrigerant/Extra Parts charged additionally